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        Advantage of anti-counterfeiting technology

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        Greatly enhanced the product packaging security efforts. Because these techniques can be personalized with different anti-counterfeit labels, security image and security password placed or hidden in different locations on the printed so fake Zheyi existing technology and equipment can not ascertain its content, orientation, number and combinations form, these anti-counterfeiting efforts in anti-counterfeiting print security efforts than ordinary print has been greatly improved.

        Greatly reduces the difficulty of true and false identification for commodities. The need for different levels of inspection, the inspector may be shallow to deep levels using different test methods test the genuineness of the product. On the use of stealth or invisible images to identify anti-counterfeiting technology and thin paper printed (eg pass rate, warranty, tickets, securities, etc.), the inspector can print the watermark by looking to identify genuine and fake goods.

        For using stealth logo, general merchandise invisible image anti-counterfeiting technology, as long as the test with the supplied special test patch test, you can easily identify genuine and fake goods. For the use of ultra-miniature, or staging anti-counterfeiting technology to decrypt print, consumers, dealers, inspection and law enforcement agencies, a detailed examination of available high-powered magnifying glass, true and false identification of goods.

        For ultra-miniature, invisible, or hidden image identification technology such as anti-counterfeiting printing and packaging products, companies in some cases even to replace the anti-counterfeit labels, security image and security password, packaging visual identity can be kept constant. Maintaining brand image consistency, and ultimately greatly enhance consumer confidence to buy branded products, creating a long and substantial economic profits for the enterprise.

        Maintaining a perfect image printing and packaging products. Because these anti-counterfeiting technology not add accessories in the packaging materials, nor is the label affixed to the packaging, but the security elements into the entire printing process to make their own brand of packaged goods have the essential characteristics of the packaging product perfect manifestation of the artistic effect.

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