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        Huge space for development of China's plastics industry

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        Learned from the 27th China International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou press conference, in 2012 enterprises above designated size of plastic products output reached 57.81 million tons, total industrial output value of nearly 1.7 trillion yuan. China Plastics Industry larger consumer markets and applications are still in development, with the regional plastics industry structure optimization, the plastics industry in China's huge space for development.

        According to reports, the current plastics processing industry to become China's largest industry, light industry, China has become the world's largest plastics production and consumption country. 2012 China's annual output of more than one million tons of plastic products has reached 16 provinces. Guangdong Province, one of China's plastics industry is the most important provinces, although in recent years the industry into the industrial structure, product structure adjustment, Guangdong Plastics Industry still for 20 consecutive years in the domestic leading position. In 2012 the total output of 9.19 million tons of plastic products, accounting for the proportion of 15.9%, total output value of nearly 400 billion yuan.

        President of Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, said the shore break, according to Chinese plastics industry, "second Five-Year Development Plan guidance," a stage in the future, especially in the new development of China's Guangdong Province during the plastic products industry will enter a restructuring, plastics processing industry will enter a stage of optimizing the structure and industrial upgrading, production scale will be high growth to steady, rapid growth. Development of the industry will be more attention to scientific and technological progress, technological innovation and the development of quality into high-quality, high-grade, high-level standard of innovation-driven stage of development.

        Fu shore, said an important goal is the development of the plastics industry to create green plastic industries. Plastics processing industry should pay more attention to production, the application process environmental protection and energy saving. While strengthening the development of new environmentally friendly materials, from the source to reduce the waste product consumption rate, encourage, support plastic recycling industry, in order to improve the utilization of waste plastics recycling process, reducing plastic waste pollution to the environment.

        It is reported that, in order to show the great achievements and advanced concepts and technology industry achieved, Guangzhou is organizing the 27th China International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, will be launched on May 20. It is understood that the exhibition will be a continuation of last year's "Rubber Technology, the future success" theme, and the idea of ​​an important event named "Embassy • Light" from the perspective of the construction industry. , Chairman of the Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services company Stanley Chu said, as Asia's first and the world's second Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition, the exhibition is an important communication bridge between industry, rubber industry and application, he hopes to have more people come together to experience the oak Plastic Technology brings creativity to jointly create a better future.

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